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The Commission on Museums (CM) of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA) was established in 1958 to provide a forum for the discussion of issues of importance to mineral museums world-wide, to foster cooperation in addressing these issues and to coordinate world-wide mineral museum information and resources toward the benefit of the international mineralogical community and society in general. Thirty countries are entitled to have a representative on the Commission.
The International Mineralogical Association Commission on Museums (IMA-CM) is composed of National Representatives (NRs), formally elected by each of the affiliated national organizations of the IMA. Members are a central communication point for matters that relate to mineralogy and museum collections within their country and are expected to coordinate and feedback information between the rest of the IMA-CM group and their own National Organization. 
The goals of the IMA-CM in an international context are to:
  1. Promote mineral museum collections for the benefit of scientific or historic research.
  2. Formulate and contribute to globally relevant best practice guidelines with respect to processes and policies that directly relate to the scientific study of mineralogical specimens.
  3. Foster cooperation and coordinate large scale museum related projects, eg information data portals/type catalogues.
  4. Lobby internationally to ensure the preservation of all important collections, keep them in the public domain and available for study.
  5. Promote novel, relevant research performed on mineralogical collections to inspire others.

The commission on Museum meets officially alternatively every two years: at the IMA General Meeting and at the International Conference on Mineralogy and Museum (e.g MM 7 in 2012).

Several times a year, a great mineral show occurs: Tucson (Az, USA) in February and München (Germany) in November give opportunity for coming together of curators, university mineralogists, and other people with interests in mineral. Since 2001 a group of mineral museum curators meets at the Munich Show established by the European Branch of curators. A catalogue of type mineral specimens (CTMS) or a complete listing of type mineral and their depositories can now be found by following the link below.

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